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My Story I was studying for my degree in sport and exercise science and playing a very high level of rugby. Rugby was my life, everything revolved around it, my training, eating and back then the social element. I had nothing else planned in life other than playing rugby. It was my job and my only income.

Due to an extremely bad injury I unfortunately had to hang my boots up and stop playing, as I needed to have it operated on at a very young age. On top of essentially loosing my job and future, my grandmother fell extremely ill. This took us all by surprise as she was still very mobile, playing tennis and other sporting activities. I would regularly attend the hospital with my family and more importantly my grandfather whom I was extremely close to. He was always the person who believed I could do what ever I wanted in life and drove me to get to where I was in rugby. On top of everything that had happened, one day, after watching West Hartlepool rugby football club win a league game with his good friends, my grandfather passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

From this point, I went a bit off the rails; out drinking every night despite the strong pain killing medication that I was taking for my back, which led to some terrible adverse issues. As well as this, and like so many people I used food to comfort me, despite all the knowledge I had on nutrition there was no telling me. I was out of control this led to me gaining a lot of weight, coming in at 20 Stone.

It’s hard to say what prompted me to change, I had a lot of support from family and friends which kicked my ass into gear! I then moved onto training for my relief and boy did I train! I never missed a session that was planned, never missed a meal, and the big thing to take from this story is I never made excuses. I never let all my issues with my back operation and current state of mind set me back. There is always a way to succeed, always a way around something. There is always something you can do to change! A famous quote; “If you want something enough you will find a way, If not you will find an excuse”. I live my life by this!

This all then led me on to starting a new journey of natural competitive Bodybuilding and physique. If you had told me at 20 stone that I would be standing on stage and weighing in at 12 stone 10lb, well, I don’t thinks its professional to say what my reply would have been.
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12 week Total Transformation Only £299.00