Testimonials Ry Smalley 'Having gotten to my heaviest of 29 stone while at university, through bad eating habits and excessive alcohol, I became determined to lose weight any way possible. I tried a lot of different diets, and fitness regimes including cardio and weight training, however kept hitting a plateau in my weight loss goals.

After re-joining the gym at the beginning of 2014, I approached Andy about having personal training sessions. In my consultation we discussed my previous efforts, including diets and workouts, and also what my goals were. Andy created a training regime tailored for me, consisting of weight training, and HIIT training, aimed at increasing my base metabolic rate, in an effort to lower my body fat percentage, and increase muscle mass. He also tailored a diet plan for me, which made sure I was eating the correct things, at the correct time, as well as what supplements I should be taking to aid me in my weight loss and training.

The best part for me is that Andy is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guide me if I have any problems in regards to training or diet, which is a great help when will power starts to slip. Overall I have lost just under 11 stone, as well as dropping my body fat percentage by a significant amount. I would like to say a big thanks to Andy for being part of my journey, and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future'.
Tom Patton Over the past few years I've always aimed to stay fit and live a relatively healthy lifestyle but with limited knowledge and a basic training plan, I could only really achieve so much. Until joining Lifestyle Fitness around 18 months ago I had only really known Andy through passing, but since joining I had more of a chance to get to know him as a person and see from a distance the way he interacted with both clients and members of the club. Andys involvement with my training began a few months back as I started asking him for little tips and advice. Always happy to help, he would take time from his training or his day and talk me through what I wanted to know. After so long I found myself asking him more and more often and realised the wealth of knowledge I could really gain from him.

Evidently as Christmas started creeping up, the diet became more relaxed and the nights out and sitting in the pub on a weekend became more regular; I started to slowly slip out of a focussed mentality. I approached Andy just before Christmas, with a goal to hit a new peak before flying out to Mexico for spring break. It took no time at all before he had started planning and preparing a fully detailed nutritional plan that would allow me to hit my target healthily and sustainably and ensured I understood what I would be doing and why.

By the end of the first week of Andys plan I could already see and feel a difference in the way I was performing in the gym and how I looked. He was always keen to take an interest in how I was getting on and would keep in touch even when I didn't see him around. From my starting weight at 81kg and 15% body fat, just six weeks ago; I've now hit a new peak at just 74.6kg and 10.2% body fat! For anyone who is serious about making a change and losing weight, getting bigger or whatever the goal, Andy is an easy going and laid back trainer who is easy to talk too and has a wealth of knowledge to share. I couldn't thank him enough for the help he's given me'!
Matthew Thomas 'Never told Andy this and he might get a shock Hearing it because We’ve been training together for a while but I always said to myself I’d never Use a personnel trainer, so at first I obliviously hesitated when I was approached by him, but when I looked around And watched him work with other clients and to see how ridiculous his standards and general motivation was towards his job it was stupid not to try a Session.

After that first session I was basically hooked onto coming back Every week, we discussed what my goal was and that was to be prepared for my Royal Marines tests that where up and coming. Andy set out each week an intense circuit that would just shock my total body and see how far I could go with it, these workouts where not just your ordinary boring workouts Andy would pacifically make these work outs to your benefits, in these workouts there's been times where I’ve wanted to give up so much but he would know what to say it could take one word and that would motivate me on again.

I’ve found In the last 4 weeks my fitness has just increased incredibly and that's thanks to Andy. My goals where set and they’ve been smashed and that's down to him, I would recommend this geezer to anyone especially someone that has goals in their life what ever they may be from losing weight, gaining muscle mass anything Andy would take you through step by step he’s easy to talk to which helps any amounts and he his willing To help you out in and out of his work time. I can't thank him enough for his time and effort he’s put in for me and it's been a an absolute class journey the last few months training with him, thanks alot agin pal'.
Paul 'I was involved in a car accident and after several weeks of waiting to hear about results Etc. I took matters into my own hands. The gp confirmed my back wasn't broken. So I googled back exercises to see it would help. My wife has a personal trainer and she recommended Andy. At first I thought it was just a way to get a mate some extra cash, but decided to try because I was so frustrated with not been able to move. I arranged to meet Andy and he immediately designed a personal program, he also started manipulating the muscles in my back. The difference was unbelievable. I was referred to both a back specialist consultant and a physiotherapist. I showed them both the exercises myself and Andy were working through and they were both so complementary about Andy. The consultant also remarked seeing Andy had probably put me forward in my recovery by 4 to 6 months!!!! I can honestly say I would completely recommended Andy to anybody who is or had suffered with back injuries. The thing that sets Andy apart is his ability to adapt and change my planned workouts. His knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy is second to none. He also has my health at the forefront of all his planning and even met with my physiotherapist to discuss an more direct program.

I cannot thank Andy enough for his time and effort he has put into making me fit and healthy again.'
Jay Corbet 10 weeks ago I approached an old friend and asked for help, now I am nearly 3 stone lighter and along with alot of hardwork and bitching I have achieved my goal. After the first week I was on the phone saying 'dunno if I can do this mate' but andy spoke to me as my friend and not a client, he pushed me beyond breaking point sometimes and I have made changes to my lifestyle that I will keep. Couldn't of done it without you big man your not only a personnel trainer but a very good friend and you are a true leader and one of a kind’ Luke Roberston 6 months ago I approached an old friend to get me in shape and it's safe to say it's the best thing I have ever done. Andy looked at my day, usually starting at 6:00am and not ending until 1-2am, we found time and started a meal plan and workout routine to suit. Andy worked around my lower back injury gradually gaining strength enabling me to squat again, something I had not been able to do for months. To set a goal we planned a shoot so that the pressure was on and these are the results. I now have the knowledge and understanding of my macros and how to maintain a healthy but flexible lifestyle. Andy always has the time to help even when my head was in the shed during peak week and doubting my progress! Some great things happening in the future and it's all uphill from here can't wait until my next cut Micheal Hogan I have been having my own personal battle against fat for the last 6 years. I started to out to improve the way I looked and improve my health and self confidence. There have been many highs and lows along the way and many times I gave up only to have another go a few weeks later. I was effectively yo yo dieting and not getting anywhere fast. For my latest battle I decided to bring in the heavy artillery. I called upon my old friend Andy for guidance. Over the last 14 weeks me and Andy have worked extremely hard and he has pushed me every step of the way. We have mixed up training and diet to suit what works best for my body type. The results have shocked me and made me realise anything is possible. I have lost another 3 stone and drastically reduced my body fat from 26.2 % to 12.86 %. Taking my overall weight loss to an impressive 10 stone and dropping approximately 30% body fat. I couldn't of done it with out Andy's help. He is a great personal trainer a top coach and most importantly a true friend. I am very pleased with my results so far but can't help that think this is just the beginning Sean Bell 2yrs after my divorce I let myself get to 106kg through comfort eating. Takeaway and chocolate my best friends. Around April I decided to get my act together and lost around 3kg by June. But my diet was still erratic, jumping from junk to health. Then my brother told me about Andy Turner and I could see the excellent results he had. I thought I want that too! I booked in to see Andy and we discussed my goals over a 4 week leave period. I wanted to hit a 10kg loss of pure fat, Andy committed to this along with me and the adventure began. A totally revamped way of thinking to diet was brought in. No carbs, max proteins and good fats; sod the calories it's about the correct nutritional values. It was bloody hard adjusting, blaming mood swings on diet but it was just total crap. Then the training! Oh the madness ??, Andy took onboard my asthma but still pushed my limits. Blood, sweat, and tears, stretching my whole body to the max. After the first week 4kg gone, now 99kg. Second week 2kg, now 97kg. Final assessment I'm at an incredible 96kg, so great that the picture is me in a T-Shirt I haven't been able to wear for 5yrs! I can get into clothes that I thought would be consigned to the charity shops. Cutting out Gluten and Dairy has stopped me being bloated, this has left me feeling more energetic, free moving and my back, hamstring and calf tightness has significantly reduced. I'm 36 and I want to hit my 40s in the best shape, as they say life begins then. I will have served Queen and Country for 22yrs in the Royal Navy by then. Mental attitude is just as important and I know I can enjoy a night out, a meal or other indulgences. The reason is I know how to balance my life, to train to counteract, and to diet to balance it all.

If I have anything to pass on its this, don't make excuses to stop you taking control of your life. Take action now and commit to a better and more productive lifestyle. Cheers Andy Turner for whipping my body and mind into a more tuned entity. Forever grateful. P.S. Remember this isn't a visit it's a long term journey, keep going and Good Luck on all your goals!'
Keagen Thomas Before I started training with Andy I would always say to myself "I'll start on Monday" with my diet, this Monday came around far too many times and before I knew it I was putting more and more weight on. At my heaviest I was 15st 10lbs without even knowing, this is when I knew I wanted to do something about it.

I spoke with one of my friends who I also happen to train with and have the joy of playing rugby alongside about trying out PT with Andy. We both agreed and it has helped me massively not only on fitness in games but things like learning how to diet correctly how you can actually eat a lot of good foods and benefit from it, learning how to train the correct muscle groups and training styles to suit.

Andy's training sessions have been excellent he took us both on and adapted the sessions to suit our game. Anyone in rugby or any sport who is looking for that extra help or guidance I can't recommend Andy enough.
David Chester Before training with Andy I never realised how bad and inconsistent my diet actually was, I was your typical yo-yo dieter, reaching 14st 11lb at my heaviest and never really achieving any sort of shape to my physique. My friend had already started to train with Andy a few weeks before, so I joined in the sessions with them and never looked back. Andy changed my whole mindset on dieting and training. Knowing Andy's rugby background I decided I did not want to lose to much weight that it would effect my game but Andy got me out of the mindset that the heavier I was the better player I was. So we emphasised on my fitness and strength which have both improved phenomenally. He built a diet around what I needed to achieve these goals and gave me support and advice along the whole way whenever I needed it. Andy's knowledge and 1-1 approach are both second to none. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve any goal! Gary Jackson Three months has passed since I decided to lose some weight. I was tired of fluctuating up and down with weight and wanted to achieve a maintainable goal. When I realised how out of shape I was, I decided to seek professional help regarding nutrition, which led to my Andy. I played rugby with Andy and had also seen some of the great work he had achieved with other clients. I have always enjoyed training, but felt less confident with knowledge of nutrition. I was positive that Andy could help me, particularly in this area. From week 1, the diet and training plan was really hard. The diet was a major shock to my body and getting back into training was also difficult at first. However, after a few weeks, I started to see results which really boosted me to continue. Andy has been an invaluable help with motivation in our weekly personal training sessions, keeping me focused. He was always available to answer any queries or to offer me advice in any aspect of training or the diet plan.

Three months later, I am so impressed with what Andy has helped me to achieve in such a short space of time. I have trained and followed a diet in the past, and it took me over seven months to lose this kind of weight. I am really happy with the results and very excited for what I can achieve in the future. I saw this as a challenge for myself from the first day, and I think that this is what has helped me to keep going. If you need the guidance like I did with training and particularly with nutrition, Andy is definitely the person to see. Thank you very much mate
Daniel Quin After been away a few times over the summer my motivation in the gym seemed to be none existent. I would always go to the gym but just go through the motions. About 5 weeks ago I though I needed to get back to it, with the main aim to lose body fat. I approached Andy and went from there. I already knew Andy from playing rugby and had seen the progress he had made with other clients. From day 1 he completely changed my diet. This was the big thing for me as I always struggled to stick to one. I would often pick at foods, on a night after work and Andy changed my diet so there was no need to do this and I was having 5-6 meals per day.

The sessions where tough and he put me through my paces. Again they were really different to my normal gym sessions which is what I needed. Andy was always there to answer any questions I had no matter how stupid I thought they would be. It's only been 5 weeks but I am really pleased with my progress and looking forward to progressing. For any one who is considering training with Andy I would definitely recommend it
James Shaw I've been training with Andy for over a year and after following my recent 12 week bulk it was time to strip but 2 weeks into the training I broke my wrist which meant I had a pot on for the following 6 weeks and was unable to train upper body. Thanks to Andy's versatility and support I was able to keep training and although it affected my results I'm still pleased with what I've achieved with Andy's help and I'm looking forward to progressing in the future.' Laura Dalkin 'I started training with Andy 10 weeks ago. I wasn't happy with my body shape and James had suggested going along with him. I absolutely hated exercise and was not looking forward to it but just after speaking to Andy he explained so much to me and made me understand my body and what I needed to do to change it. I moaned to start with and always said I couldn't do anything and now 10 weeks later I can squat and plank and my fitness has improved dramatically. I'm over the moon with the results and am so happy I've lost over a stone and my body fat has went from 28% to 18%. I can't thank Andy enough and would recommend him to anyone. Caroline Church Firstly I would like to thank Andy for all his support to get me to where I am today. My transformation is both physical and emotional and has far surpassed what I thought possible. When I first started training with Andy I had no self confidence and self belief. I would not eat meals and would only snack on all the wrong foods. I would calorie count and try to eat as little as possible cause I was so afraid of putting weight back on. Andy spent many hours explaining to me the importance of eating the right foods and was so patient with me . I would challenge him on everything he said and we had our battles along the way. Andy belief in me and what I could achieve was constant and I couldn't help but start to believe this could be possible . I would not set goals for myself as I was so afraid of not achieving them . I have to say that I am now a completely different person than when I started , no longer anxious and afraid of challenges. I feel physically stronger and am confident that I can achieve what I set out to do. The diet plans that he gave me were spot on and have given me confidence in making the right choices around food. The last 12 weeks have been a life changing experience for me. I would highly recommend Andy as a PT he is so passionate about what he does and it so committed to helping you achieve your goals Lee Hutchinson Over the past few months I found myself spending plenty of time at the gym but not seeing any real results for the effort that I was putting in, this made me realise I needed to bite the bullet and seek help. After seeing Andy around the gym and noticing the changes that he had made I looked up his profile on facebook and the pictures told the story.

After an initial consultation with Andy he advised I would really need to change my ways and he created a bespoke plan for me based on the kind of results I wanted to achieve. Clean healthy eating + working hard in the gym is what I needed. Beer, takeaways etc… had to be a thing of the past. 12 weeks done, ups and downs throughout my journey and I finally made it. Andy kept me motivated through our personal training sessions and with lots of hard work and dedication I’m please to say I’m now on a journey I will continue
Suzy Day It is 22 weeks since I began my journey with Andy and the results have far far exceeded any expectations I may have had when started. When we got to the 12 week assessment I was overjoyed. I had totally changed my life around, my health had improved beyond belief ...I felt a different person, so when Andy asked me what my goal was for the next 10 weeks I found it hard to comprehend how I could move on any further than I had already come. However, I set myself a goal of toning up my arms and much to my disbelief Andy was adamant he could get rid of my flabby midsection. I knew in order to tone up I would have to dig out the weights routines I had been given at the beginning and had avoided in favour of cardio. I found it hard to ease off on the cardio at first but I was determined to succeed and not to let myself or Andy down and if I wanted results so I had to trust the process.

Without a doubt the NLP session I had with Andy at this time helped me immensely, it enabled me to conquer lots of issues with confidence and self doubt and transformed my mindset putting me in a much more positive position to move forward with the training regime. It took me a couple of weeks to get to grips with the sets and it was then that going to the gym changed from something I liked to something I loved. With the weights, some HIIT and a few dietary tweaks I began to see real changes and this made me want to really push myself to see what was possible. There were odd days when I found it, and still do, psychologically hard because of the consequences of my neurological conditions but at training sessions Andy has a tallent of being able to alter my thought patterns which will always gets me out of my self pity mode and moving forward on to the next challenge.

When I look at the 22 week photos I can't believe I have made such a dramatic change in such a short time ... I truly don't recognise myself. Andy thank you so so much for all your guidance and support, I cannot wait for our next few months of training. ...the search for my 6 pack begins
Greg Hall Having been in and around Gyms for years and not seeing any real results for the hours put in I decided I needed a change. I found out about Andy through a mutual friend who had recently finished a 12 week plan and I was impressed with the transformation. I contacted Andy and was soon in for a chat about what my aim was regarding Training and Diet, from that first session I had total belief in what I was being told and what I had to do to get the kind of results I had seen. The first 2 weeks of diet were tough and the training plan was different to how I had previously trained but this kept me focused. Once the carbs were being introduced week by week I found the diet easy and ended up struggling to eat everything I had to daily. Andy was always available to advise on what I was unsure about regarding training and after 6 weeks I was on track. The second half of the plan I started to see a real change and this kept me going. During the 12 weeks I had people asking why I was doing it and have heard everything from 'I have 2 jobs' or 'I have 3 kids' and don't have the time but it all boils down to 1 thing, excuses!! It's hard by no means and the 1 to 1 training sessions I had are possibly the hardest things I have done but was pushed all the way by Andy, also having spent 5 of the 12 weeks offshore and not having much control over my diet I believe if I can do it then anyone who 'wants' to do it, can. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for help with training and nutrition, I'm now looking forward to maintaining my training and diet and building on it Ryan Taylor Before I started the gym I felt within myself that I wasn't healthy, fit and I was genuinely low on self confidence in the way I look. When I met Andy I knew that it would be a huge challenge to take on as the diet was over the Christmas period. At times it was challenging to keep up the diet but having a goal to reach was very helpful.

The diet plan that I was given was excellent as it gave me a wide range of options to choose from and it taught me on how to eat healthy and the results of what different food groups do to the body. Now the first challenge is complete I aim for bigger and better things and with andy's help I believe that can be achieved. For anyone who is looking for that change in there body or lifestyle that they want I highly recommend Andy as your pt as he is brilliant.
Dan Blackwood Before I started training with Andy I was overweight, unhealthy and lacking self-confidence. A recent holiday had highlighted to me that I needed to do something about this. After speaking to a friend, Andy was recommended to me. I arranged my first appointment with him, feeling very nervous and unsure what to expect.

At our first meeting, Andy was not just only interested in the physical element of my transformation but also the mental and emotional aspects too. This allowed me to address issues that I felt unable to talk to other people about. We then agreed the next step, which he helped me understand wouldn’t just be about changing my physical appearance but also my mind set and attitude towards food and exercise.

The last 24 weeks of my life have been the most educational, rewarding and at times testing that I have known. But now this time has passed I will never look back to my old lifestyle. I have achieved things that I never thought I could. If I was ever unsure about any aspects of my meal plan or training programme, he was always on hand to give advice. This was even more helpful for me as I work away from home a lot which made it harder to eat well sometimes. Andy is a true professional and I don’t believe that I would have got this far without his guidance and support. I honestly can’t recommend him enough. Throughout this journey, not only has Andy been my personal trainer, I have also made a good friend
Giovanna Greco It was before Christmas when I decided I wanted to enter a fitness competition and the first person I turned to for advice was Andy. I asked for his advice not only because Andy is my PT manager but because the transformation he made himself the previous year was very admirable and I knew he would be the best man for the job."

"I decided which competition I wanted to enter, he took my assessments and my plan was all set in place before Christmas to start January 4th. 15 weeks of training and a strict nutrition plan was what it was going to take to get me in the condition requires. The start of the diet was the toughest, starting with zero carbs to manage my insulin levels (after massively binging over the Christmas period) but the process quickly became easier and more enjoyable as my calories increased. The approach Andy chose was very suited to myself and my body type, throughout the weeks of the first half of my prep my calories increased allowing me to intake 2,200 calories and still drop weight and body fat."

"Although I was hesitant when Andy would insist on increasing my calories I bit my tongue and trusted the process. If I had done my own nutrition, I would never have let myself intake that much food and would have made the process a long and miserable one when it wasn't necessary. Andy was very professional as always, taken regular assessments and was always willing to answer questions any time of the day. Dropping a total of 6.5% body fat and 6kg I was over the moon with my condition when stepping on stage and have Andy to thank for that. I would recommend him to any individual regardless of their goal."
James Skidmore Was great to meet Andy the way I did. Allowed us to share our views on training/diet and relate it into our conversation! Andy understood my goals and how I wanted to achieve them, with the input of his great knowledge and guidance which really helped me. I have since recommended a lot of people who need nutritional advice or personal training! Andy understood with my lifestyle i would need a simple and easy programme to follow nutritionally as well as training! After meeting Andy the way I did it give me the confidence that he knew how to train around injuries but also how to vary the training to suit the person and to not cause injuries. Continuing from this I can now say I have a better knowledge how to eat healthy and what suits me...I have to thank Andy for his advice as I am really happy what he has helped me achieve in such a short time! Great guy, would recommend .... Paul Glover 'I began my journey 18 weeks ago. After being somewhat unhappy with my appearance and my sporting performance I needed to make a change. My sister suggested I get in touch with her friend Andy Turner, a guy I hadn't seen in years. When I last seen Andy he was a far shout from the lean guy you see in the gym every day. This was enough reason for me to begin training with Andy. His journey was inspiration enough for me to begin my own. As a fast food addict, binge drinking, couch potato I was very apprehensive about beginning such a task but from the first second I met with Andy I was put completely at ease and I knew I had the right man helping me. He began by explaining to me the stresses and strains I had put my body under through a terrible diet and lifestyle. He then told me that none of it was relevant and that we could undo all damage that was done.

Andy created a diet and training plan for a complete amateur like me to follow and we got to work. Through the sessions he left for me to complete and my one to one personal training sessions with Andy I had a great time. It wasn't ever easy and I was constantly pushing myself but I could quickly see that it was paying off. Dieting was something I had never done before and given my terrible diet going into my transformation I never dreamt that I could stick to the diet for 18 weeks, but Andy devised a diet which made it easy for me to stick to. Now 18 weeks later I look and feel like a different person. All in all I've lost over 20kg in weight. In the process I've lost over 15% of my body fat. In measurements this has lead to a loss of 6 inches from my waist and a drop down a shirt size. My fitness is exponentially better then it was before. The only downside I can find to training with Andy is the increased amount of clothes shopping required.

I can't thank Andy enough for what he's done for me. His passion for what he does is contagious. He has walked the walk himself and is living breathing proof that if you believe you can achieve'.
Lee Madison Thanks AT for an enlightening, but painful, 12 weeks. You’ve been an inspiration and I don’t think that I could have come this far without your support, encouragement and nutritional advice. A large part of this motivation is your own story and achievement – your drive and enthusiasm is infectious.

I’m 53 and feel about 20 years younger than I did 12 weeks ago. I now have the same size waist that I had in my 20’s. These 12 weeks have provided the perfect springboard to a change of life style, in terms of how I perceive exercise and nutrition. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to conquer something on a daily basis (a hard gym session), that I seemed predisposed to dislike unless there is beautiful scenery and mountains involved. Having said that, I do feel myself starting to enjoy it and even, dare I say, look forward to it. To motivate myself I say ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of the day as a champion’. I adapted that from Ali’s famous ‘ I hate every minute of training quote. And it’s true; the afterglow and buzz that follow a good workout does make me feel like a champion for the rest of the day. Thanks again Andy for turning me into a mountain goat when out and about on my beloved Lakeland fells
Kelly Add My story is probably no different to many hard working Mum’s out there, in that I had donated everything and all that I am (correction, was) to my children, including my body. Fast forward 12 years, two children, two homes and two businesses and I had lost who I once was. If I wasn’t working, I was with my children and if I wasn’t with my children, I would feel guilty if not working. I no longer made time for family, friends or myself - let alone to exercise. Despite a fairly clean diet - my desk job, skipping meals and a keen appreciation of alcohol (my “switching off” button) had taken me to a good size 14 and the wrong side of 12 stone. Whilst grateful for my boys, I couldn’t relate to the body I had become. I felt uncomfortable in my skin and lost as to what to do about it.

And then I bumped into an old friend, Suzy - who at that time was 3 months into her transformation. I was staggered by the results as Suzy was practically glowing, inside and out and it was joyous to see. It was at that point that I discovered Andy Turner and genuinely, thank my lucky stars that I did.

I booked an appointment with Andy as soon as I could - we sat, we talked and he got the measure of me which in itself is a challenge. I must be honest and confess, my first session with Andy was tough with a capital ’tough’ - I now understand his need to get the measure of me physically, too. To look back now and think I wanted to walk away and give it all up just 20 minutes in amazes me.

I felt physically sick, which I now know to be because of my diet of salads and the fact that I had skipped breakfast that morning. These are some of the many things I have learned from Andy. Where I thought I was being “good” I was actually limiting both myself and my body. Today, Andy has not only transformed me physically - he has also changed my mindset. I never realised how stressed and unhappy I was. How dismissive, self critical and unable to accept the most minor of compliments. I just couldn’t and wouldn’t give myself a break. Andy has taught me about diet and nutrition. He has broken down walls and taught me that it is okay to make time for myself. In fact, it is bloody essential and my businesses are better for it. There has been a many number of times when Andy has praised my efforts and congratulated my achievements. When I have insisted he share some of the credit, he is modest in his response - I honestly don’t think he realises that if it wasn’t for him, I would have given up at 20 minutes. I could not have done what I have done without his limitless knowledge, energy, expertise and him pushing and guiding me every step of the way. Genuinely
Andrew Conley I first came to Andy as I felt my training was stagnant and I felt generally unfit. I new I needed my mindset changing and Andy certainly did that. Andy has changed my whole perspective on training and dieting for the good. Andy invests an amazing amount of time in his clients and his breadth of knowledge is unbelievable. He is always there to with an answer to any question you may have. His training and nutrition plans really work and andy will tweak them based on your progress.

I set out a plan with Andy to get in the best shape I have ever been and become as fit as I have ever been. I feel I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve with Andy's help and feel he has put me on the right path to keep progressing. I can't thank Andy enough how he's helped me and couldn't recommend enough
Mariola I gave birth by C-section to my wonderful daughter the 10th of February and I wanted to lose all the baby weight. Before training with Andy, my diet was rubbish ( I was basically starving myself but eating the wrong things), my mood and self-esteem were also a bit down and I reached a plateau where I wouldn't lose any more weight. So I decided to train with Andy by the end April and it was the best decision ever. Andy is really professional, always explaining everything you do, he is approachable, always answering every question. On top of this he is really encouraging, positive and fun! I have been training with him for the last 10 weeks, as well as following his food plan, and I honestly can say that not only I have lost nearly all the baby weight but also I have quite a lot of knowledge about food and exercise. I now feel much more positive about myself as well as being fitter and healthier than before pregnancy Andrew Williams It's been 8 weeks since my last assessment with Andy and at that time I was ecstatic with the results. I was happy with the lifestyle changes that I had made to get there and it was Andy who believed that I could achieve the goals beyond what I had set myself. I believed at that point I was the best that I could possibly be. In the last 8 weeks, Andy has continued to invest his time in helping me wherever and whenever needed and pushed me through boundaries I never thought possible. Not only has Andy transformed my body but he's also transformed my mindset and I believe that I can go on to bigger and better things. I can't thank Andy enough for what he has helped me achieve and I'm now considering competing in a natural bodybuilding competition which is something that I would never in a million years have considered in the beginning. I believe we have only just scratched the surface and I look forward to what the future holds Chris Sim I’m not quite sure where to start with this post. I think this is partly because I never thought I would be in a position to be writing it.

My initial personal fitness journey started in April 2012. I was really unhappy with my weight and general fitness. Although I cycled to work every day I was struggling to lose weight and nothing seemed to help. I was over eleven stone, had a BMI of 29.4 % and my total body fat was 40.5% ! It was at this time that my son introduced me to the idea of seeing a personal trainer and possibly going the gym. As my 50th birthday was a few months ahead I decided to give it a try. Within two months of doing two hours of PT a week and healthy eating I had lost a stone in weight and my BMI was down to 26.7. I found that the more weight I lost the more I was encouraged to do more at the gym and achieve my target weight of being under 9 stones. I found that I really enjoyed spinning, body pump and kettle bell classes and went to these as often as I could. Eventually a year after starting training I achieved my goal of 9 stone, a BMI of 23.9 and total body fat 31.9 %. It was at this point that my personal trainer left the gym and I was left to work out on my own again. Although I had grown to enjoy the gym and exercise I soon found that without someone to push me I lacked the self motivation I needed to stay on track, I didn’t work as hard as I should to maintain my weight and it began to creep up again. In the winter of 2013 I started to train with Andy. Initially I struggled with his style of training as it was different to that of my previous trainer. He not only focused on the exercise aspect of training but also incorporated the emotional & psychological element. Sometimes exploring why we are overweight or unable to achieve our goals can be more difficult than doing the actual exercise. However I realise now that in order to achieve my goals I needed to become more self motivated and the only way to achieve this was to do some difficult soul searching and examine why I was encountering barriers preventing me from achieving my goals. With Andy’s help I became more self motivated and confident in reaching my goals once again and by June 2014 I had almost got back to my target weight, I was extremely happy with my progress and was enjoying going to the gym. Later that month I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My initial reaction was shock, fear, then anger. I was so angry that I had worked so hard in the gym to get to where I wanted to be and this was going to ruin everything. I tried to rationalise things, as my tumour wasn’t large I was told they would only need to do a lumpectomy (to remove the tumour) therefore I thought that once it was removed I would be back at the gym in no time and back on track. I continued to go to the gym up until my surgery and even went on a 2 week holiday while I waited for the operating date. However, cancer is not rational and following initial surgery in September 2014 they discovered that it had spread to 4 axillary lymph nodes. This meant further surgery to remove most of the axillary lymph nodes in my left arm, 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 15 sessions of radiotherapy.

I think that because I had raised my level of fitness and motivation before my diagnosis, this helped me through the difficult times I faced during my treatment and even after the first surgery I was out cycling within a few weeks. The chemo reduced my resistance to infection so I was not able to go to the gym and I found this hard as I missed the classes and the people, as these help to keep you motivated, however I refused to let things get on top of me and I continued to cycle outside between chemo treatments when I felt up to it. This helped raise my self esteem (no one can see you haven’t got any hair when you’re wearing a cycle helmet). Two weeks after finishing my last radiotherapy in March 2015 I rejoined the gym. I found it very difficult at first and I felt frustrated and angry that I could no longer do what I had been able to before the cancer. In addition the treatment which included steroids, combined with lack of exercise etc had caused me to gain a lot of weight. Because my lymph nodes had been removed I had been advised not to do repetitive exercises such as rowing machine, cross trainer, kettle bells etc as this would cause lymph oedema in my arm. In fact when you analyse most of the things we do in the gym it is repetitive motion. This was extremely depressing at times as I thought I would not be able to do anything. However with help from Andy, he helped me to look at things from the perspective of what I could do rather than what I could not. I started with spinning and gradually began to do functional pilates, then even body pump (just using a bar with no weights at first). Andrea and other trainers also helped by giving me modified exercises so I could participate in their classes. Things started to look positive again, when in July I developed some swelling in my arm. I had to cut back on exercise again until I could figure out what was causing it. By process of elimination I figured out that if I avoided burpees, mountain climbers and push ups I was relatively fine (it’s just as well I don’t like doing those!). With a limited choice of exercises I could do or was brave enough to do, it became apparent that I wasn’t being successful with my exercise regime and in January this year I started PT with Andy again.

Andy had the knowledge and skills to develop a diet and exercise regime to suit my needs and he gave me courage and motivation to try exercises which I would not have tried if I had to ‘go it alone’ for fear of exacerbating the lymphoedema. It has not been easy, as I particularly don’t like to diet and at times thought I could probably achieve my goals by exercise alone. How wrong I was, and in March after half heartedly doing the diet element of my programme for about 2 months Andy asked me ‘why I didn’t think I deserved to achieve my goal’. This was a turning point and made me think about why I was basically cheating myself and setting myself up to fail. This put me back on track and by 14th June I was 8 stone 12 pounds. I had lost 13kg and 14% body fat. I had achieved my goal.

I believe that with the correct advice and support we can achieve anything we want to. With advice from the ‘right person’, insurmountable obstacles can be overcome and appear as little mole hills rather than mountains to climb. For me that ‘right person’ was Andy.